nd popup shops

Dear Customers,
Thank you for visiting us at our holiday markets in NYC this season!  We appreciate all the love and support (and hot chocolate) you brought us! Some of those markets are closed, but we still have two pop-up shop locations, so you can come pick up anything you may have missed, and stock up on all the new styles.  These two locations will be open through the end of February.  We hope you’ll stop by! 

Nirvanna Designs

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Nirvanna Designs incorporates centuries old techniques that give our handmade accessories a feeling of authenticity, originality and soul. Our design team lives part-time to full time in Asia and is influenced by both the mountains of the Himalayas and the beautiful beaches of Indonesia and Thailand. We believe that by helping the local population, using natural resources, and giving the local people work (especially women) we are creating a circle of Karma. Our garments and accessories have been featured and shown in New York Magazine, The New York Post, Modern Bride, Lucky Magazine, Bazaar, and more. All our products are made with love and respect to the environment and to the people of Asia.